How and Where to Find Keywords in Longtail Form

Articles Feb 1, 2013


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There’s no getting around the fact that keywords are crucial to being found online. It’s the most common way people find websites – more so than word of mouth.

With this fact alone, you should work hard to find keywords in longtail. Just remember that these longtail keywords should be befitting for your niche.

The Reason You Shouldn’t Use Short Tail Keywords

If you’re wondering why you shouldn’t use short tail keywords, the answer is simple: these types of words are too generic. Think of this example:

If your niche is hair, then some generic words would be the following:

  • Cut hair
  • Short hair
  • Long hair
  • Black hair
  • Blonde hair

Now, take this same niche and find keywords in longtail form. Here are some of the results you can get:

  • How to wash long hair
  • How to cut men hair
  • How to dye hair black
  • How to comb wet hair
  • Tips for cutting hair

Now that you know how to find keywords in longtail form, you need to know where to find them. You can find them by using two methods:

  • Free keyword research tool
  • Paid keyword research tool

With a free keyword research tool, you don’t get results in real-time. This is because your site won’t have a unique tracking code embedded in it.

Also the longtail suggestions it offers you can basically be offered to any website owner that types it in; thus, giving you keywords that aren’t exactly unique to your content.

A paid keyword research tool is the best way to find keywords in longtail form. You get a larger listing of long tail keywords that are more specific to your niche.

With the paid version, you get data on underperforming long tail keywords, which is good. The reason this is good is because it means these keywords are rarely used by other sites; thus, making them unique to your site.

It should also be mentioned that paid keyword research tools such as Hittail uses a tracking code on your website. This favorably works in the background to provide you the best suggestion of long tail keywords.

So, overall it’s obvious that the best way to find keywords in longtail form is with a paid keyword research tool. This, in turn, makes Hittail a really good option.

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