Advertising vs. Public Relations: What’s the Difference?

Articles Feb 10, 2013

With the internet age in full swing, you don’t hear as much focus on advertising or public relations. This is because people are mostly reaching their customers via the internet.

However, these two promotional methods still exist. So with this being the case, let’s discuss what has pondered many minds in regards to advertising vs. public relations: what’s the difference between the two?

Explaining Advertising

With advertising, you’re dealing with paid ad space. This affords you the following advantages:

  • You have complete creative control over the ad campaign that you create
  • You have knowledge about when your ad will be published
  • You can run your ad for as long as your budget can afford you to. This is normally for weeks
  • Consumers are aware of the fact that you’re trying to sell them a product or service. Call to action phrases such as “buy now” or “call today” are commonly used in effort of enticing customers to take action.

Explaining Public Relations

With public relations, you’re seeking free publicity. Here’s what associated with getting that exposure:

  • You hold a news conference, at which time you address questions regarding your new product or service
  • You write and submit a press release about your new product or service. This information is only shared for a limited time
  • All information is presented in a business manner; there’s no room for creativity
  • You have no control over the amount of exposure the media will give you, especially since they have no obligation to present your information to the public

Advertising vs. Public Relations: Which One is Similar to SEO?

So with the internet age being the new way to do business, website owners and bloggers are engaged in SEO as a way of promoting their websites and blogs.

So when it comes to advertising vs. public relations, which one is SEO most similar to?

The answer is … both methods are.

Just like advertising, you have control over your SEO campaign, it creation and its publication date. Its budget and running length is also in your hands.

Additionally, SEO requires a call to action – just like advertising does.

And just like public relations, you submit a press release for your SEO campaign. The only difference is a SEO press release is optimized with long tail keywords relevant to your niche.

So, as far as advertising vs. public relations goes, these two promotional methods are modernized into one online strategy called SEO.

To learn more about the public relations process check out this PR guide!

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