SEO and Keyword Traffic: How These Two Factors go Hand-in-Hand

Articles Feb 20, 2013



With thousands of people starting online businesses or blogs daily, it’s important that they know how SEO and keyword traffic go hand-in-hand. Admittedly, there are also people who’ve been online for a while and still don’t have a clue about how the two connect.

If you’re going to have an online presence, then it’s essential that you learn this information.  Your site’s longevity and success depends on it.

Thus, let’s gain knowledge on these two subjects by breaking them down.

What is SEO and How it Works

SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. With SEO, you discover what your target audience (people interested in your product or service) is searching for.

For example, let’s say you have a writing and editorial service. Through a database, we learn what people are searching for:

  • An editor to edit a manuscript
  • A writer who engages in business writing

Let’s say that your writing and editorial services does both of these duties. This is your chance to grab some new clients!

You do this by learning what keywords people search most often with. It’s best to search for long tail keywords because these key phrases will be unique to your content – unlike short keywords, which are generic.

Furthermore, these long tail keywords play an important factor in sending traffic to your website or blog.

What is Keyword Traffic and How it Works

Keyword traffic is basically self-explanatory: traffic that comes to your website or blog based on the long tail keywords you use.

These keywords can be used:

  • On web pages such as the homepage or sales page
  • Blog posts
  • In PPC campaigns

Keyword traffic originates at search engine result pages, which is where people will type in key phrases in search of you.

SEO and Keyword Traffic Combined

Going back to the example of the writing and editorial service, here are the long tail keywords you could consider using to attract visitors to your site:

An editor to edit a manuscript:

  • Manuscript editor for fiction
  • Manuscript editor for non-fiction
  • Book editing service

A writer who engages in business writing:

  • Business writing service
  • Business plan writing service
  • Professional business writing

Since these long tail keywords are likely to be typed by searchers, having them in your content will send them in your site’s direction. Remember, you learned this information through in-depth search via SEO.

So, this is how SEO and keyword traffic go hand-in-hand.

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