Keyword Tools: What can You Accomplish with These?

Articles Feb 27, 2013

If you’re in the internet industry, you know that it’s nearly impossible to have a conversation about SEO without keyword tools being mentioned. Why is this?

It’s this way because SEO and keywords tools are both important to the survival of a website or blog. In the case of keyword tools, websites rely on them for the right keyword selection.

Keyword Tools: Equal or Not?

Since keyword tools are vital in helping a website survive online, there’s something else to consider: does this mean that all keywords tools are equal?

By equal, I mean does free a keyword tool work as effectively as a paid one? In short, can you get just as good of a selection of keywords using a free keyword research tool as you would with a paid one?

Absolutely not.

There’s a big difference between free keyword tools and the paid ones. The difference is listed below:

  • With free keyword tools, you get generic keywords, i.e., short tail keywords. These are commonly used keywords used by web owners. Don’t expect great results with this type of keyword tool, especially since searchers use longer phrases to search with – something free keyword tools don’t provide.
  • With paid keyword tools, you get long tail keywords. These are phrases that searchers use to search for online information. These keywords will be more befitting for your content. Therefore, using a paid keyword tool is a great payoff.

What the Right Keywords can do For Your Website or Blog

Now that you know that paid keyword tools are the best keyword tools to use, you might wonder exactly how their keywords work in your website’s favor. Here’s how:

  • Your website will appear on search engine result pages when searchers type in the long tail keywords embedded in your content
  • Searchers will visit your website for the information they’re seeking
  • If satisfied, they will convert: sign up for a subscription, contact you (email or phone); buy your product, etc.
  • Bookmark your site


So, this is what you can accomplish with keyword tools. Just make sure you choose a paid keyword tool in order to achieve these accomplishments.

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    Troy Stephen Augustine slc

    There’s certainly a lot to know about this topic. I love all of the points you made.

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      Hello Troy,

      Yes, this topic never falls short of information. We’re pleased that you love all the points made here. We hope that you will continue to read Hittail’s blog and enjoy the information shared weekly with readers.

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