Is a Free Longtail Keyword Builder the Best Tool for Your Online Success?

Articles Mar 6, 2013



You’re ready to alert the virtual world about your online presence. Whether you have a website, blog or planning to do pay-per-click (PPC), you want traffic coming your way … lots of it.

There’s no better way to get this traffic than to use a longtail keyword builder for your site’s keyword selection. However, there’s a dilemma with this.

The dilemma is: should you use a paid or free longtail keyword builder?

Free is Good, Right?

There are several free tools worth using. Listed below are six of those tools:

  • Free Online Spell Checker
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster
  • Header Checker Tool
  • Keyword Density Tool
  • Ping Tool

(Click here to read more on these tools.)

While these free tools will help you meet the tasks they’re created for, you do need to go a step farther in regards to using a longtail keyword builder. In short, a free longtail keyword builder simply isn’t sufficient enough in helping you reach your marketing goals.

So, no, free isn’t good in the case of a longtail keyword builder.

The Sole Reason a Free Longtail Keyword Builder isn’t Good

There’s a strong reason as to why a free longtail keyword builder isn’t good: it gives limited results. Also known as a free longtail keyword generator, this tool is excellent in providing the following:

  • Giving its users long tail phrases relevant to your website’s content
  • Being up-to-date in the phrases searchers are searching with

Its failure, however, occurs when it doesn’t provide users with a full list of long tail keywords. Keep in mind these phrases can result in a long list, especially since people using a variety of search phrases.

However, when you use a free longtail keyword builder, you’re only getting a few longtail keywords. And you need more than just a few phrases to build your content around.

Your Best Choice

For the sake of getting the full listing of longtail keywords, it’s best to pay to use a longtail keyword builder. Doing so will position you better for mass traffic.



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