A Long Tail Keyword Generator Works in Your Favor

Articles Mar 13, 2013



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With millions of websites online, it’s not easy getting the virtual world to notice your site. Unless you’re a well-known company or celebrity, you stand a strong possibility of being ignored.

Thank goodness for the long tail keyword generator. It lessens the possibility of your website being overlooked.

How a Long Tail Keyword Generator Works

Keywords are essential to a website. This is because it defines what a website is about. For example, a keyword for a clothing website would be “clothes.”

However, this is too generic. Use this generic keyword and countless clothing websites will appear on the search engine result page (SERP).

If you’re a small clothing shop with a website, you can forget about showing up on the result page. The major clothing chains – ecommerce and physical stores – will take the top spots.

If you’re lucky enough to appear, you might be on page 3 or farther back – pages people are unlikely to search. There’s no way you can garner traffic with this type of ranking!

That’s why a long tail keyword generator is a good thing. It keeps you from being so low on the SERPs.

With the long tail keyword generator, you get long tail key phrases befitting for your website. These key phrases, which are used by searchers in search engines, are unique to your website’s niche.

As a result, your website will appear at the top of the SERP when searchers search for information relevant to your site. This is how your website gains traffic – courtesy of a long tail keyword generator.

So, let’s return to the example of the clothing store.

Let’s say the clothing store is a women’s clothing store. Furthermore, the women clothes are plus sizes.

With this information, here are some likely long tail keywords a generator might return with:

  • Plus size womens clothing
  • Plus size clothing for women
  • Womens plus size clothing

And here are additional results if it’s a discount store:

  • Discount plus size clothing
  • Cheap plus size womens clothing
  • Cheap womens plus size clothing


So, it’s obvious how a long tail keyword generator works well in your website’s favor. With that being the case, give Hittail a try today!


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