A SEO Keywords Service is Worth Using

Articles Mar 27, 2013


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When you own a website or blog, you must draw attention to it. This is best done with SEO keywords.

That’s why a SEO keywords service is good to use.

What is a SEO Keywords Service?

A SEO keywords service is any internet company that provides optimized keywords. These keywords are used in an effort to drive traffic to a website or blog.

SEO keywords can be used in:

  • Downloadable white papers
  • Downloadable eBooks
  • PPC campaigns
  • Blog posts
  • Webpages

The Best Type of SEO Keywords Service

There are two types of SEO keyword Services available: paid and free. While you might be tempted to save yourself some money by using a free SEO keyword service, don’t use it.

Instead you should choose the paid option.

With a paid SEO keyword service, you get a broader and better selection of keywords. This is because you get long tail keywords.

With long tail keywords, you’re getting SEO keywords that are unique to your website or blog’s content. This is based on your website or blog’s niche.

As a result, these SEO keywords will drive traffic to your website. People are typing these exact terms into search engines in search of websites or blogs such as yours.

On the other hand, a free SEO keyword service doesn’t provide such an advantage. Instead of getting long tail keywords, you get generic keywords, commonly known as short tail keywords.

And short tail keywords are a definite no-no for SEO marketing! This is stated because these generic words are used by so many sites, especially name brand companies, that it’s nearly impossible for you to rank high on search engines with them.

For example, let’s say you own a toy store, and you’re basing all of your content on the short tail keyword “toy store.” Name brand businesses such as Toys R Us and even Amazon will definitely show up on the first search engine result page.

As for your toy store, your chances are slim to none.

And it all goes back to using a free SEO keyword service, which overall provides short tail keywords.

With the use of the paid SEO keyword service, however, you can use the following long tail keywords:

Toys for toddlers

You can even use a long tail keyword based on your location:

Toy stores in Sacramento


For maximum success, you definitely need to invest in a paid SEO keyword service. The pay off – increased traffic – makes it 100% worth it.


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