The Value Chain of Yahoo: How Important is it to You?

Articles Apr 24, 2013

Although Google is often discussed here at Hittail, Yahoo is also a popular organic search engine. So, given its popularity, does this mean that the value chain of Yahoo is important to your site?

Let’s discover this by first exploring the value chain.

What is the Value Chain?

A term created in the mid-1980s, the value chain is the actual production of taking a product or service from being just an idea to actually being a developed product or service. Upon completion, this new product or service is extended to its local, national and global target audience.

Read more about the value chain here.

So what does any of this have to do with Yahoo and your site?

It means that in order for the value chain of Yahoo to work in your site’s favor, you and Yahoo must work together as a team. This is necessary so that the demands of the online searchers can be met – searchers whom you want as site visitors.

Here’s how that team work is accomplished:

  • Design: You design a website for the purpose of promoting your business or service.
  • Production: You create webpages with information pertaining to your niche. Make sure these webpages include long tail keywords relevant to your site’s niche.
  • Marketing: With long tail keywords embedded in your site’s content, searchers typing in your exact phrases find your site on search engines like Yahoo. As a result, you attract the right target audience.
  • Conversion: When the right audience finds your site – courtesy of Yahoo and long tail keywords – they will convert. This conversion usually results in a sale, a new email subscriber, or contact via email, mail, or phone.


It’s obvious how Yahoo plays a big role in getting you the audience you need; thus, making the value chain of Yahoo crucial to your website’s survival and success.

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