Using a Long Tail Keyword Tool with Social Media

Articles May 1, 2013


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Marketing in the 21st century is completely opposite from marketing in the previous century. For starters, it’s mostly done online instead of offline.

Also, you no longer need the services of a hotshot advertising agency to promote your business. Instead you can hire a freelancer. If you have the spare time, you can even do it yourself.

All you need is a long tail keyword tool.

How Does a Long Tail Keyword Tool Help with Social Media?

Long tail keywords work wonders for businesses partaking in social media. This is because people are now searching on social media sites in the same manner they do with search engines: with long tail keywords.

Remember, people use long tail keywords instead of short tail or generic keywords to find information. So, if someone is searching for a doctor in Fresno, they would type “doctor in Fresno” into social media sites.

Hence, this is why a long tail keyword tool is essential for your social media marketing efforts.

In addition, there are a few more details you need to keep in mind when using a long tail keyword tool for social media marketing:

  • Associate your business with your long tail keywords selection by using them frequently.
  • Promote your long tail keywords while participating in group message boards. This action will help other group members associate your business with those keywords.

Long Tail Keywords and Social Media Sites

There are several social media sites, and more are sure to emerge in the future. So, there will be plenty of opportunities to promote your business using social media.

In the meantime, let’s take five social media sites that are currently popular and learn how to use long tail keywords with them:

  • Twitter: Besides choosing keywords that relate to your profile, also include these keywords in your tweets regularly.
  • Facebook: Use one of your keywords to create a user profile. Use that keyword continuously in your posts and picture titles.
  • Google+: Incorporate long tail keywords in your post as well as in your profile name.
  • YouTube: Include a long tail keyword in your video’s title. Also include keywords in your description.
  • Pinterest: Use keywords associated with your business in the “about” field. Additionally, use keywords in your board’s title and description.


A long tail keyword tool and social media can work well together. Make sure to include both as part of your SEO marketing strategy.


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