Using Blogger for SEO Marketing

Articles May 8, 2013

Whether it’s for personal or business usage, people favor blogging. Engaging in this online activity regularly gives your blog content, and Google loves content.

And as a reward, Google sends traffic to your blog.

So in order to achieve at blogging, you need two things:

  • A blogging platform
  • A SEO marketing plan

There are plenty of blogging platforms to choose from, but in this case, let’s discuss using Blogger for SEO marketing.

Blogger: Google’s Blogging Platform

Blogger is a free blogging platform offered by Google. Its user-friendly interface enables you to:

  • Permit HTML & JavaScript
  • Add custom header images
  • Drag and drop modules
  • Sign in with ease with open ID
  • And more

Furthermore, since it’s in the cloud, Blogger is more secure than WordPress.

Nonetheless, it’s well known in the SEO industry that WordPress has a slight edge over Blogger with SEO. It’s WordPress that offers its bloggers plugins for SEO and self-hosting – not Blogger.

Blogger is, after all, a third party system. So, what does this mean when it comes to using Blogger for SEO marketing – is it a good choice?

Blogger and SEO: Does it Really Work?

Some SEO experts warn bloggers against using Blogger. Others give the green light on it.

Based on research, however, there have been Blogger blogs that successfully ranked high on search engines. Some people believe that this is due to Google owning Blogger.

This might be part of it; however, the truth lies in SEO. These bloggers have mastered optimizing their blog posts with the right long tail keywords; thus, driving traffic to their sites.

Remember it was mentioned earlier about how Google loves content? It does … well-written, optimized content.

So, create a Blogger blog with optimized content (using long tail keywords), and you’ll discover Blogger and SEO can be a good working formula together.




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    Dan Posner

    Thanks for this article. I believe it is important to look at the basics, and learn from them, when it comes to SEO. Blogging is almost as basic as it gets, but it is still so important for SEO. I enjoyed the information, and believe that anyone really trying to make a name for themselves with SEO must be involved with blogging.

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      Hello Dan,

      Thank you for reading it. I’m pleased that you enjoyed this article. I agree with you about the importance of blogging if you’re trying to make a name for yourself. It creates fresh content for your blog and you’ll eventually draw an audience with your ideas.

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    George Garza

    This is a very informative post about the Using Blogger for SEO Marketing. Search Engine Optimization helps increase traffic to your blog and connect your content with the intended audience.Blogger now provides web savvy users with the option to manage search engine preferences.

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    Paton marketing team

    Great points! We are just starting to look at SEO and interlinking for blog-spot, and this was truly something we will take into consideration.I am doing search engine optimization in miami and providing other online marketing services.

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      I’m glad these points are useful to you. Good luck with using Blogger with SEO. I’m sure you’ll do well.

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    Thanks Pamela providing your great thought towards blogging in SEO.

    Love to read entire post and also have shared with social networking sites.

    Again Thank You

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      Hi Anis,

      We sincerely appreciate your sharing this post with social networking sites. It’s readers such as you that make writing for Hittail a treasure.

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