A WordPress Keyword Plugin Works Favorably with a SEO Keyword Tool

Articles Jun 12, 2013


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It can never be overstated: choosing the right keywords for your website or blog is crucial to its success. That’s why long tail keywords are recommended; since it consists of the phrases searchers use the most on search engines.

This, in return, brings massive traffic to your website.

Therefore, since long tail keywords work favorably for your website, you should integrate its tool, a SEO keyword tool, with a WordPress keyword plugin.

Connecting a SEO Keyword Tool with the WordPress Keyword Plugin

A SEO keyword tool is responsible for giving you a selection of appropriate keywords for your website or blog. It should be mentioned as a refresher that the best type of SEO keyword tool is a paid, long tail one.

Since Hittail is this type of tool, let’s use it as part of our example.

When Hittail is integrated with the WordPress keyword plugin, it analyzes your current traffic in real-time. This action gives you a list of long tail keywords suggestions that are favorable in helping increase your organic search traffic.

These suggested long tail keywords will not be similar to keywords used by your competitors. Instead it will be phrases uniquely chosen to befit your website or blog’s niche.

Furthermore, these suggested long tail keywords will work well on a WordPress site that has the following content:

  • Webpages
  • Blog posts

With the integration of WordPress keyword plugin and Hittail, you can create one article or blog post, embed it with long tail keywords, and set the pathway to increased traffic. And better, the more content you have using these suggested keywords, the better chances you have to rank high on search engine result pages.


It’s known throughout the internet industry that WordPress is an excellent blogging platform. So to integrate the WordPress keyword plugin with a SEO keyword tool that can powerfully increase your traffic is a brilliant decision for any blogger or website owner to make.



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