Keyword Suggestions for eBooks: Do They Really Matter?

Articles Jun 19, 2013

We all know that with websites and blogs, having the right keyword suggestions is crucial. It is, after all, what helps you rank high on search engines such as Google.

However, does your selection of keywords hold the same importance when it comes to eBooks?

Yes it does.

Why Keyword Suggestions Are Important for eBooks

Just as you’re trying to draw traffic to your website or blog, the same goes for your eBook. Given that this is an electronic product, keywords – long tail in particular – is the best route to get this traffic.

Keep in mind that long tail keywords are the phrases searchers use to find information. EBooks are no different in this matter.

Additionally, you want to focus on long tail keyword suggestions that represent your eBook’s niche. For instance, if your eBook is about finding a job in social media, here are some long tail keyword suggestions you’d use:

  • Social media job search
  • Social media jobs
  • Jobs in social media

Search Engines vs. Ecommerce Sites

Some eBooks are downloadable from search engines; for their authors have made them free for everyone to download and enjoy.

Then there are paid eBooks that are sold at ecommerce sites such as Amazon.

So does this make a difference in choosing your keyword suggestions? No it doesn’t.

Whether your eBook is indexed in search engines or sold at ecommerce sites, you still must have good keyword suggestions in order for people to find your product.

And remember, long tail keywords are the best choice!

How to Get the Best Keyword Suggestions

As previously mentioned, long tail keywords are the best choice for getting traffic to your free or paid eBook. So how do you get these keywords?

The answer is simple: choose a long tail keyword tool.


You have something valuable to share in the form of an eBook. Get people to it by connecting yourself to their minds, i.e. choose keyword suggestions that they’d use to find your information – with the help of a long tail keyword tool.









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