Is Free Keyword Traffic Worth the Effort?

Articles Jun 26, 2013


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Publicity is always good for a business. It’s a surefire way to increase your customer base, and best of all, revenue.

Nowadays with the internet being a vital part of business marketing, publicity has changed since its early days.

For instance, fewer businesses advertise via flyers. Instead they’re going online and starting websites.

Of course, websites need long tail keywords relevant to their website’s niche in order to work effectively as a promotional tool. It will help drive traffic to the website by helping it rank high on search engines.

So does this mean that free keyword traffic is sufficient in getting a website on Google’s first SERP?

Let’s examine this closely. You’d be surprised to learn that free isn’t always a good thing.

What is Meant by Free Keyword Traffic?

Free keyword traffic deals with keywords that derive from a free keyword research tool such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Why Using a Free Keyword for Traffic isn’t in Your Website’s Best Interest

Using a free keyword for traffic isn’t a wise decision. This is so because:

  • The keyword selection is generic and short; which are commonly used by other website owners
  • Searchers don’t generally search with generic keywords
  • You won’t rank high on SERPs with generic keywords – if you rank at all

All of this means you’re unlikely to get much traffic; hence, resulting in loss revenue for your business.

The Better Option for Keyword Traffic: Pay for it!

When you use a paid keyword tool, you get keywords that work better for your website. These keywords work better because:

  • They are long tail keywords relevant and unique to your site
  • The long tail keywords selected are the phrases searchers query search engines with; therefore, helping searchers find your site more easily
  • You increase your chances of ranking high on SERPS; giving you more traffic


Since your chances of garnering online business through free keyword traffic are low, it isn’t worth engaging in. Instead put your best marketing efforts in using paid keywords for traffic.

It’s the best way to excel at an old thing called promotion.

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