The Long Tail Keyword Generator: Its Value in SEO

Articles Jul 10, 2013


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With its increase in popularity, more people are turning to the internet for information. This information is often presented in articles, blog posts, and on websites.

If you have a website or blog that provides invaluable information, then it’s natural that you want internet searchers to find you site.

This is why you should engage in search engine optimization, aka SEO. Moreover, a long tail keyword generator is an essential tool to use. It’s like the “meat” of your SEO campaign.

What is a Long Tail Keyword Generator?

For starters, a long tail keyword is a longer phrase versus a short tail word, which is usually one word. An example of this is the following:

  • Shoes: Short tail keyword
  • Buying kids shoes: Long tail keyword

Long tail keywords provide less competition between websites as far as usage. At the same time, internet searchers use these phrases frequently.

So, to include these less competitive phrases in your content (blog posts, webpages, articles, etc.) will help your site rank high on search engines. As a result, you will gain internet traffic.

In regards to a long tail keyword generator, it’s simply an online tool that gives its users a massive listing of long tail keywords suitable for their website. Hittail is an example of a long tail keyword generator. Read how Hittail works here.

How the Long Tail Keyword Generator Helps in SEO

Just like a long tail keyword generator, SEO is important. It’s a strategy used to help websites rank high on search engines.

Keep in mind most searchers don’t click beyond the first SERP. Therefore, if you’re on page two, the chances of gaining traffic are slim.

And forget it if you’re farther behind!

If properly conducted, SEO increases your chances of ranking high and gaining traffic. In fact, one of SEO’s best tactics involves long tail keywords.

And this is how a long tail keyword generator comes into play.

As previously mentioned, using less competitive key phrases relevant to your website’s niche will get you a high ranking on SERPs – driving visitors who searched for your information to your site.

This lucky break begins with the long tail keyword generator; for it’s here that you get these crucial keywords.


The long tail keyword generator and SEO are two important factors that should be used together in order for you to achieve your overall goal: a great ROI.

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    Announcing to people SEO is dead, while i can rank for money keywords with like 10 quallity backlinks? Long-tail keywords are only good for that little extra visitors to your website. All who announces that SEO is dead is just someone who doesn’t know how to rank for a money keyword.

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    Rob Walling

    Ranking for “money keywords” with 10 backlinks? Do tell…

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