Long Tailing: Should Your Website Engage in it?

Articles Jul 24, 2013


In order to have a successful website or blog, you need to have a solid online marketing strategy. One such strategy is long tailing.

Based on long tail’s definition (read it here), long tailing works well for ecommerce sites such as Amazon and eBay.

However, is it beneficial to non-ecommerce websites?

To find the answer to this question, let’s look at what long tailing does.

How Long Tailing Works

As an internet marketing strategy, long tailing works brilliantly. It has several benefits that are each worth mentioning.

Those benefits are as follows:

  • There’s less competition. With the usage of long tail keywords, you’re using longer phrases that aren’t commonly used by other websites. That’s because these longer phrases are unique to your website’s niche.
  • A greater chance of ranking high on SERPs. With less competition, your website can rank high on search engines such as Google. This is possible because your website is embedded with the exact key phrases searchers use on search engines to find information.
  • More website traffic. When you’re long tailing, you gain more traffic. Again, this occurs because your website is using the key phrases commonly typed by online searchers seeking information.
  • Long tailing translates to profitability. Most times people searching for information are one step away from making a purchase. So, with the right SEO strategy such as long tailing, you can guide these searchers to your site; at which time, they convert to buyers.
  • Web content makes more sense. There’s nothing worse than reading online information that makes absolutely no sense. You’re left wondering what message the writer is trying to convey.

The reason this occurs is because the writer is trying to embed keywords into the content for the purpose of optimizing and ranking on SERPs. However, the sentences make no sense, and readers are turned off to the point of clicking away.

With long tailing, however, long phrases fit more natural into content. Sentences make sense, and visitors will stay longer.

Long Tailing: Yes or No?

So, given all the benefits that comes from long tailing, should a non-ecommerce site engage in it?

Absolutely yes!

The benefits associated with it are far too great to ignore. Besides your website likely provides a unique product or service that should be recognized, and long tailing is the way to gain it some recognition.

Don’t deny your website the opportunity to thrive. Engage in long tailing to the fullest and watch your website succeed just like the ecommerce sites.

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