The Topics for Writing Your SEO Marketing Campaign Depends on Your Website’s Niche

Articles Aug 28, 2013

Promoting a business online takes time. It isn’t an overnight process that can be achieved instantly by simply pulling up a website.

Actually, promoting a website begins with SEO, which requires extensive writing (optimized blog posts, web pages, articles, etc.). So, with SEO playing a major role in your content writing, exactly what are the best topics for writing your SEO campaign around?

It’s all About the Niche

If you want to know the best topics for writing your SEO marketing campaign around, think about your website’s niche. After all, niches determine your target audience.

For example, if your website is about green coffee, then your target audience would be the following group:

  • Coffee drinkers
  • Dieters (green coffee helps with weight loss)
  • Health gurus

Now that your niche has established your target audience, you’ll want to write web content that will appeal exclusively to them. Some topics for writing about green coffee include:

  • How green coffee can safely help you lose weight
  • The health benefits of green coffee
  • What is green coffee
  • The difference between green coffee and regular coffee
  • Green coffee vs. other weight loss supplements
  • Is green coffee better for weight loss than surgery

So, as you can clearly see, choosing the topics to write your SEO marketing campaign around largely depends on what your niche is about. Furthermore, the bigger the niche and its audience, the more you have to write about.

After you’ve chosen the topics you’ll write on, be sure to write this information in the forms of:

  • Blog posts
  • Web pages
  • PDF eBooks


When it comes to finding the right topics for writing your SEO marketing campaign around, keep your niche in mind at all times. It’s the best guiding point you can use.

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