Using Long Tail Examples as a Role Model for Virtual Success

Articles Sep 11, 2013

You have your mind set: you’re going to promote your website to the fullest. Actually, if you want your website to be successful, you have no choice but to promote it.

As you make your promotional preparations, have you considered which websites are good long tail examples for you to follow? I mention long tail because we already know that long tail is the backbone of SEO marketing.

So, given the strength of long tail, why not use long tail examples as your model towards success? If you don’t know why you should consider this, the following information will help you understand why you should.

Three Reasons to Model After Long Tail Examples

First, let’s look at some websites that have successfully mastered long tail:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • iTunes
  • Netflix

Chances are likely you have made purchases from at least one of these websites. You probably even purchased an item that was a rare find at your local stores – if you could find it at all.

Guess what? Your rare item purchase is the reason for these websites’ success. To clarify it, these websites carry items that brick and mortar stores consider unpopular and unprofitable.

Therefore, if you have a product that wouldn’t sell well in brick and mortar stores, do like the long tail examples listed above: sell it online. People are definitely searching for it.

There are two more reasons that make ecommerce sites great long tail examples:

  • Geography isn’t an issue for them. Buyers can live anywhere in the world and shop on their websites.
  • Digital downloads make inventory a non-issue. The internet has made digital downloads extremely popular. People love being able to receive their products immediately minus waiting for companies to restock them. Even waiting on snail mail isn’t an issue.


While your website is likely much smaller then these four long tail examples, there’s still plenty to learn from them. Therefore, use them as your virtual role model in an effort to create your own online success.

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