Marketing with Long Tail Keywords

Articles Sep 18, 2013



When you have a website, you have a goal to reach: get traffic to your website. Furthermore, this traffic must be your target audience.

So, how is this goal accomplished, especially with millions of websites online vying for the same audience as you?

It’s simple: engage in marketing with long tail keywords.

Using Long Tail to Differentiate Your Site from Others

If there’s one thing the internet isn’t short of is information. No matter what the subject is, just Google it and watch a webpage filled with several websites appear – each site offering the information searchers are seeking.

While having a variety of websites to choose from is good for internet searchers, it’s bad for you. This is because these websites are your competition, and let’s face it: with more websites going live daily, the competition keeps growing!

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean it’s doomsday for your website. In fact, you can stand out from your competitors – courtesy of long tail keywords.

With long tail keywords, you’re using underperforming phrases that are unlikely used by your competitors. However, you’re using the exact phrases searchers are typing in search of information.

So, if your web content or blog posts are embedded with the long tail keywords searchers are using, you’re going to show up on the first SERP.

Let’s look at an example of two competing websites. They both provide information on diabetes self-management.

Website A uses the following keywords in its content:

  • Diabetes
  • Diabetic

These are short tail keywords, which won’t distinguish website A from its competitors. Even having these two words on all of its webpages does little to draw traffic to website A.

Now, let’s look at the keywords website B is using:

  • How to manage diabetes
  • Diet for diabetics

These are long tail keywords. Chances are strong searchers are using these exact phrases to find information on diabetes self-management.

And website B will rank high on SERP for marketing with long tail keywords such as these. As a result, traffic will be driven towards website B.


Marketing with long tail keywords is a smart strategy for beating your internet competitors. You’ll surely reach your goal!

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