Can Keyword Search Tools Help You Discover Trends?

Articles Sep 25, 2013

As September winds down, the most celebrated holiday of the year will soon be here: Christmas. In terms of online business, this means websites will start preparing their publishing calendars with content geared towards this joyous holiday.

Christmas is the biggest spending holiday of the year, so online businesses definitely want to catch those spenders. After all, big spenders mean big profits!

However, the question here is how can website businesses know what’s trendy this year? Are keyword search tools the solution to this question?

How to Discover What’s Trendy Online

There are two methods that website businesses can use to find out what’s trendy for the upcoming season:

  • Twitter
  • Keyword search tools

Conversation is an ongoing matter on Twitter. People use this social networking and microblogging service to rant about everyday events: politics, celebrities, even their own lives.

They also use Twitter to inform the virtual world about the latest trends. No trend will go without mention on Twitter!

To use Twitter for trend spotting, you simply type in your keyword selection in its search bar. Tweets posted with these keywords will appear.

Please note that this isn’t the best way to build web content!

Here are some solid reasons as to why it’s not:

  • These keywords are likely short tail instead of long tail keywords
  • These keywords might not be what people are searching with on search engines such as Google
  • You can’t be sure that these keywords will work best for your website in regards to ranking high on Google

Keyword search tools are far better for trend spotting. Paid keyword search tools are particularly the best because a tracking code is installed into your site; thus, giving you a returned listing of long tail keywords.

With the usage of long tail keywords you reap the following benefits:

  • Having long tail keywords relevant to your website’s niche
  • Having the exact phrases searchers are typing to find the information your website presents
  • Higher ranking on search engines
  • More incoming traffic due to high ranking on SERPs


There’s money to be made by following trends. You just need to know how to discover what’s trendy, and the best way to do this is by using paid keyword search tools.

A good place to start: Right here at Hittail, of course!



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