Six Tips for Building a Search-friendly Website

Articles Oct 30, 2013


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Friendliness goes a long way, even online. Yes, friendliness should have a place online – in regards to websites and search engines, that is.

To better explain it, Google’s automated robots or “spiders”, as they’re called, should be able to access your site’s content. This is a crucial factor for SEO.

And keep in mind that SEO is an effective marketing strategy that garners you web traffic. So, for your SEO strategy to serve its purpose, follow these six tips for building a search-friendly website:

  • Make building a search-friendly website a top objective. While you want your website to look good, it’s far more important that it’s search engine friendly.
  • Achieve this goal by taking the following steps:
    • Make sure the keywords are relevant to the content
    • Use Flash, frames, and JavaScript carefully; for these aren’t search friendly elements
  • While building a search-friendly website, let it undergo beta testing prior to its launch. This gives you or your hired SEO specialist a chance to review the site on a page-by-page basis.

During this review, it’s best to get recommendations regarding:

  • ALT
  • META
  • Title tags
  • Identify your website as mobile friendly by adding a meta tag. This will help search engines deliver your site to mobile devices.
  • Get other websites to link to you. Google notices websites that have several links to it, especially when those linking sites rank well itself.
  • Include the most important keyword in your webpage’s headline. Search engines such as Google place high priority on the keywords inserted in this area.


Building a search-friendly website is indeed worth investing your time in. You will harvest your reward by being easily found on the internet.

In addition, building a search-friendly website is rewarding for searchers too. They’re directed to valuable information: your website.


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