SEO Keywords: Finding Phrases You Can Easily Rank For

Articles Apr 2, 2014


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There’s no denying that keyword research is one of the most important aspects of making your site visible online. Apart from the obvious SEO aspects of making your content transparent to Google, it can bypass ambiguity and tell you precisely what people are actually looking for, and how they’re looking for it. Preparing your site with the right SEO keywords doesn’t just make your content more visible online; it also better enables you to provide your reader with exactly what they want.

Unfortunately, the importance of keyword research also means many more ubiquitous SEO keywords are virtually impossible to rank for. In many cases, attempting to get your content seen under major head keywords like “baseball statistics” or “aquarium supplies” may be virtually impossible. This is especially true in virtue of the fact that literally every web developer has access to keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner. So while the keyword information Google can provide you with is useful in many ways, it’s also common knowledge, and therefore mostly offers highly competitive keywords that can be exceptionally difficult to rank for.

Moreover, Google Keyword Planner only provides you with generalized data rather than information that is fully customized to your own site. The people who visit your site may or may not have several things in common with the generalized keyword data that Google can provide, and to assume anything about your demographic can be a grievous mistake.

That’s why many developers turn to third party keyword tools like HitTail. In a market that’s fairly saturated with keyword research tools, HitTail stands out because it focuses specifically on long tail keywords that are the most difficult to find. These SEO keywords are by definition less popular, but often times more valuable than more generalized keywords because of how specific they are. Their lower popularity also means that they’re drastically easier for your site to rank highly for.

And unlike Google Keyword Planner, HitTail can provide you keywords that aren’t just based on trends in search traffic, but on customized keyword data that’s gleaned directly from your own site. HitTail thereby offers keywords that are far less predictable than other available tools, yet highly applicable for getting your content visible online.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the importance of these long tail keywords is only increasing with the emergence of Google Hummingbird and its associated implications for mobile traffic. People performing a verbal search from their smartphones are more likely to use long tail keyword phrases than succinct keywords searches, simply because it’s a more natural way to speak. In short, that means that the value of these long tail keywords only stands to increase in the near future.

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