Finding Keywords for Your Website

Articles Apr 7, 2014

The best way to increase traffic to your website is target keywords or phrases within the content on your site. However, not just any keywords or phrases are going to help you bring in site visitors that advertisers crave and eCommerce sites need to drive sales. Where can you find great suggestions for your site?

Ask Other SEOs About Keywords for Your Website

There are plenty of professionals who will perform a keyword audit for your site. This audit will track the words and phrases that visitors use to find your site when they come from search engines. A professional SEO can also analyze data from social media to help you determine which words or phrases are being used the most in relation to your site.

Google Has a Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

Google has a free tool that will help analyze keywords for your website. Although the data available on these tools are more restrictive than in the past, it is still a good way to find keywords that are going to help you find relevant and targeted traffic. If you choose to pay for advertising to drive traffic to your site, you may want to use these tools to help you select words and phrases that will help your advertisement attract the right visitors.

Is Your Site Looking to Attract Local Visitors?

If your site is looking to attract local traffic, it may be best to optimize for local keywords. For example, a dentist in New York should target dentist in New York as a keyphrase. When looking for local goods and services, most people tend to type in the exact location plus the good or service being searched for. Therefore, it may be best to try to optimize for your specific community as opposed to a large city that may be nearby.

There are a variety of ways that you can find keywords for your website. However, the best way to determine the success or failure of particular keywords is to target for them and look at the statistics that you get. That will tell you if you are on the right track or if you need to adjust your target words or phrases to meet your goal.

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