The Power of Self-Promotion: 6 Unusual Ways to Publicize Your Content

SEO Jun 24, 2014

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What do Hollywood A-listers, billionaire entrepreneurs, and the world’s biggest pop stars all have in common?

They’re all shameless self-promoters – seizing every opportunity they can to PLUG their products. Talk shows, press junkets, infomercials… in fact, all publicity is good publicity, right?

When it comes to increasing the visibility of a business brand online, we could all learn a thing or to from these masters of self-promotion. After all, they manage to promote a new movie, single, or their latest perfume without doing damage to their brand.

How do they do it? By relating to their audience, networking with the most powerful people in the industry, and never appearing desperate – well, most of the time (yeah, I’m looking at you, Miley).

Here are six sure-fire ways to publicize your content without cheapening your brand.

1. Use snippets when sharing content on social media

Instead of just posting the headline of an article and a link to your content on social media, be CREATIVE. Come up with multiple snippets taken from your content that you can gradually reveal over the coming weeks or months.

For example, when sharing content on Twitter:

+ Post variations of the headline of the article

+ Short quotes or pieces of information taken directly from the piece

+ Relevant statistics from the article

All of these are a great way to catch the attention of your reader, and direct them to your pages.

Remember – if you’ve used expert sources in your articles, include them in your snippets. You never know, the websites that you’ve mentioned might even re-share or favorite your content on their own pages.

Driving people to your site from any source has a chance of a share, which will produce a chance for more shares in return – I don’t have to point out the benefits of this wondrous self-sufficient SEO machine, do I?

Also, don’t forget to share the same content more than once! Popular and EVERGREEN pieces will catch the attention of existing readers once again and find their way to new readers as well.

2. Contact those who share similar content to yours

Although they may not be industry leaders, Twitter accounts (particularly those with thousands of followers) that have shared similar content to yours in the past can shine the spotlight on your beautifully-created content.

+ Find an article on the web that targets your demographic and search for the URL on Twitter. Here you’ll find all the people who have shared the content on their page. Choose the most influential, most followed, and most popular profiles and send them a direct message. “I wonder if you’d be interested in THIS”, can be a great ice-breaker.

+ If you’re struggling to find content similar to yours , Open Site Explorer from Moz can help. Just type in the URL of the article, and get a list of pages that have linked to the item. These sites are the ones you should be targeting – after all, they’ve already shared similar content in the past.

3. Create DAZZLING video content

Did you know that “Video Killed the Radio Star” was the first music video to ever be played on MTV back in the 1980’s? It wasn’t just a catchy tune – the video was chosen to reflect the changing tastes of the general public.

Radio was out, video was IN.

So could VIDEO soon be replacing written content on the web? “Video Killed the Blog Star” perhaps? Maybe not yet, but it IS a great way to appeal to a completely different audience.

No, not those who can’t read.

But rather those who rely on visual content to receive their information (particularly the youth of today).

+ Turn your how-to-guides or blog posts into a video. You may even find this less time-consuming than WRITING lengthy content.

+ OneLoad makes it easy to distribute your videos across multiple platforms – think YouTube, Yahoo! Video, Vimeo, Daily Motion and the like.

+ Just like with written content, create a KILLER title for your videos, and remember to post your visual content on all your sites.

+ If you want a greater global reach, StartCut is a great video distribution platform for sites in Asia and Russia. Hey!Spread is another option to check out.

Creating a good balance of video and written content across all your platforms is the best way to go. 

After all, Google is recognizing recent trends and giving video more space on SERPs – especially when you type in a “how to” or recipe-related query.

Google will often include a thumbnail of the video on the results page, and because this instantly stands out from the monotonous blue and black text on the page, sites with plenty of video will experience some seriously good click-through rates.

So, if you want to be all over the SERPs, then go all-in with different content types.

 And with all the value bombs you’ll be dropping in your videos, it really won’t hurt if they’re entertaining as well. A popular YouTuber PewDiePie makes millions of $$$ entertaining his followers by playing video games.

4. Use videos to create better blog posts

Once you’ve created your video content, you can even use a site like InqScribe to transcribe your spoken word into written text. Although there will always be anomalies when using this type of software (how many times does Siri get it wrong!), you can use your text to create better blog posts.

You can also make it easy for your readers to save your post as a PDF.

We’ll come to that in the next tip.

5. PDFs are back in trend

There’s something quite prestigious about the simple PDF document. You probably first encountered one at school or college – long lengthy files with PLENTY of authoritative information. They exude a certain gravitas – and will definitely be taken more seriously than other file formats (Microsoft Word and Rich Text Documents anyone?).

Give your blog posts the same authority by using PDF files more often. Create a PDF template that reflects your business brand, and convert your content into this file format. You can even upload your PDFs to a service like SlideShare, which is great for quality backlinks and exposure.

Or, use WordPress plug-ins like “WP post to PDF” to allow users to download your entire post as a PDF. Be user-friendly!

6. Start networking

Find industry leaders in your chosen niche, and seek them out on LinkedIn. You could even email them directly, with a quick message like, “Here’s an article that you may be interested in”.

Try not to make it sound spammy though, so always personalize your messages before encouraging them to click on your content.

Catchy titles help a ton in this.

Another great way to get influential industry people to read your articles is to find the groups they have joined on LinkedIn and then join these yourself.

You’ll then be able to send connection requests.

Hopefully if they like your content, they will want to share the word with their thousands of followers – a win-win for all involved.


The art of self promotion is all about finding the best ways to get your message out there.

As a successful content marketer, you’ll want your work to be seen by as many people as possible.

It’s not about flooding message boards with loads of links to your platforms, but rather realizing that less is more – especially when it comes to protecting your business brand.

High quality video shared across a multitude of platforms, networking with the biggest players in the game, and previewing your content on social media can all bring in the big bucks and help your online property grow in value.

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    Ricerca Porno

    Great Ideas! i will try it!

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    James Davis

    Some great tips here guys,

    I find I tend to be more creative with the content I share over on Google+ than the other networks… however I have been experimenting with different approaches on Twitter especially using the 4 photo function that is now available.

    Also I am a real fan of the PDF has I have started using Evernote quite a bit and organising PDF’s for digestion later when offline is a great time saver.

    Kind Regards


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    Andrew Morrison

    Great tips, thanks for the read.

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