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HitTail News Sep 14, 2016

Keyword Ideas HitTail

Today we’re pleased to announce the release of a brand new tool, called Keyword Ideas. It allows you to get keyword ideas based on your entered term or phrase.

Unlike existing HitTail keyword suggestions feature, this new tool is not dependent on your website’s traffic, meaning you can use it even if you’ve just launched a new website or blog.

All you have to do is to enter a phrase (which could be a topic, service or product) and click Search. HitTail will generate keyword ideas highly relevant to the entered phrase, which people use in real life when searching Google. Each keyword idea comes with an estimated number of monthly searches and the number of web-pages you will have to compete with when targeting a given keyword. You can try the new tool for free by signing up on this page.

What types of seed phrases should you be using when searching for keyword ideas?

Seed keywords are terms or phrases that you need to enter to get keyword ideas based on them. For best results, we recommend using seed phrases of 3-4 words to ensure you get keyword ideas highly relevant to a certain niche. For example, if you enter “womens shoes” as a seed keyword, this phrase may be too generic as it covers a huge market.

If you sell sports shoes, a better approach would be to enter something like “sports shoes for women” or, even better, “running shoes for women”, “tennis shoes for women”, etc. In the output, HitTail will generate real-world highly relevant keywords that your target audience use when searching Google.

When looking for seed keywords, the best way to start is to write down several phrases that you personally would use to find your own website/topic/service/product. Try to be creative and think like your prospects do.

You can also read through your competitor’s sites, blogs, articles and forum discussions to outline common phrases relevant to your topic that can be potentially used by your prospects when searching Google. While browsing through competitors’ sites, pay extra attention to their titles and headings.

Finally, the keyword ideas that HitTail generates based on your entered phrases can be also subsequently used as seed phrases for further research.

What about the legacy HitTail features?

The legacy keyword suggestion feature is now called Hot Keywords. Its core functionality remains untouched. We decided to rename the tool to better reflect its essence.

Basically, what this tool does is help you find underperforming keywords based on your existing website traffic. As such, this tool is useful only if you already have a website that gets visits coming from organic search traffic.

Consider hot keywords as low-hanging fruits. You can use them to quickly improve your results in search engines. For example, if HitTail suggests you a hot keyword that you already target on your website, this might be because your website is not among Google’s Top 10 with this particular keyword yet, but you have a very good chance to get there. By getting into Google’s Top 10 with this keyword, you can increase organic search traffic multiple times compared to what the keyword brings you currently. And hence, we call it a “hot keyword”.

Just make sure to include the suggested hot keyword into Title tag, headers and throughout the text on the web-page where you target the keyword. The aim is to apply on-page optimization techniques to improve rankings of your web-page for that specific keyword.

And if you find suggested hot keywords that you haven’t targeted yet, you can use them as topics to add new content to your site.

Will there be any changes in pricing?

The new Keyword Ideas feature will be available only in Pro or higher plans. Existing HitTail customers can stick with their current plans or upgrade to Pro, Business or Agency plans to get access to the Keyword Ideas tool. For more details on HitTail plans, please see this page.

Not a Hittail user yet?

Try out HitTail for free to see how the new feature works and get valuable keyword ideas for your website.

If you have any questions, please get in touch!

As always, we wish you best of luck in growing your website traffic!

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