Hittail A Long Tail Keyword Research Tool Comprehensive Guide

HitTail is the only long tail keyword tool that generates keyword suggestions by analyzing your existing website traffic. It provides you with very specific long tail keywords that are relevant to your audience.Web pages that have utilized the long tail keyword research tool have reported better user traffic and a higher ranking in their HitTail review.

HitTail is primarily a web analytics tool with a focus on suggesting organic keywords to target for SEO. However, unlike Google Analytics it breaks down the complex data into actionable items. HitTail shows the most promising “search terms” in search engines you should target, based on your existing traffic. HitTail is a dream long tail keyword tool for website owners, bloggers and marketers who want to increase traffic from Google and other search engines.

HitTail Requirements

HitTail can be used with any website, blog and CMS.

There is no need to install any software or add any code to your website. You can start searching for keyword ideas right after subscribing for a 21 days free trial.

Functions in HitTail

  • Search For New Keyword Ideas: Here you can generate keyword ideas for your website to increase your website traffic and ranking.
  • Keyword Suggestions Tool: After syncing hittail with your Google Search Console account, you can find keyword suggestions for your website and gets prepared in a neat to do list.
  • Click and Buy Articles: This functionality allows us to order an article. You will get 400 words content in just $18-19 within two days. It turns any keyword into a custom article.
  • SEO Checker Tool:  Using this tool you can check a Web-Page for SEO Issues.

It is very hard to promote short tail/ generic keywords for new websites  and here’s a nice little tool recommending mid – long tail keywords that saves on the hours of keyword research for an SEO. Hittail analyzes your current keywords which drive traffic to your blog and suggest more related long tail Keywords based on that. All you need to do is write content based on those Keywords and see your ranking improved.

HitTail Pricing Plans

HitTail offers 3 enterprise pricing plans list below

  Pro Plan – $19.95/monthly payment

  • 7,500 Keyword Suggestions/Month

  Business Plan – $39.95/monthly payment

  • 15,000 Keyword Suggestions/Month
  • 150 Monthly Web Page Audits

  Agency Plan – $79.95/monthly payment

  • 30,000 Keyword Suggestions/Month
  • 300 Monthly Web Page Audits

If you exceed your plan’s capacity for the current month, we will notify you and upgrade you to the appropriate plan.


  • Easy Keyword Ideas

The long tail keyword suggestion tool simply runs in the background while constantly suggesting new phrase ideas for use in the website or blog. This way, marketing team members can focus their energies on other workflow processes rather than get bottle-necked in keyword search.

  • Improved Ranking

Utilizing long tail keywords in SEO tactics affords websites and blogs more visibility in the web. This is because this particular digital marketing tactic makes it easier for sites to be in the top 10 or in the first page of search engine queries. Furthermore, this allows online entities to focus more on their exact niches and outrank other websites.

  • Targeted Audience

HitTail does not randomly suggest phrases for website optimization. Instead, the tool analyzes the website or blog’s incoming traffic for ideas and specifies long tail keywords from there. This means that suggestions are relevant to the targeted audience and are ones that they are most likely to use in searching for such product or service.

  • Attract Visitors

Long, specific search strings lets potential customers find relevant websites fast. A long tail keyword optimized site are more likely to attract visitors with the intent to place an order rather than those who were brought to the site by a generic keyword.


You certainly don’t want to continue to lose traffic and profits of hittail. HitTail is an effective and affordable marketing tool that all bloggers should at least look at. There is also a 21 day trial. I highly recommend that you get the free trial of HitTail, try it for 21 days, then write a review. If you want to grow your organic search traffic using long tail, then we highly recommend that you start using HitTail.

If you have used HitTail in the past or are using HitTail right now, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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