How to use long tail keywords to better rank your business

Keywords Nov 6, 2017

E-commerce and other sites have been increasingly pumping up their online efforts. This effort is all in the search of a higher ROI and it’s all part of the magical process of inbound marketing. There are 3 phases to this process: “appeal” (ads, blogs, seo), conversion (landing pages, contact forms) and relationships (email marketing, social media).

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about the “appealing” factor. More specifically, the use of long tail keywords, and how it can help your website better rank organically.

Background Overview

Did you know that the term “long tail” came from a book by Chris Anderson, “The Long Tail” – Why the future of business Is Selling Less of More. The book came out in 2004 and the term gained a lot of popularity between Marketers. What this means is that products that are more mainstream, require more demand but are limited in quantity. Terms that are more specific have less demand, can be as economically attractive as their mainstream counterparts.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are generally formed by 3 or more words, creating tiny phrases that represent a more personalized search. This strategy represents a way to differentiate yourself, whether it’s on an adwords ad or in a good SEO practice.

This way, generic terms are left out to give preference to more specific keywords, that target exactly what it is that your customer wants to buy. Long tail keywords facilitate the generation of leads, with segmentation being on top of the sales funnel.

At first look, it does seem like a riskier strategy. Since it involves much less volume in searches, consequentially targeting a smaller number of people.

But on the other side of it, the strategy represents a larger possibility of the searcher finding exactly what he is looking for. This also makes for a much better quality score on your google ad. Sites like HitTail are a great way to find the targeted keywords you’re looking for by analyzing your existing website traffic.

Use of Keywords

Let’s go the example of a Marketing agency in Miami. MIA weblab is looking for organic ways to appear on google.

The use of keywords like “marketing agency miami”, “marketing agency near me” are very generic and  might not appear since there will be so much competition around it.

Good examples of long tail keywords for this specific store would be:

  • Ecommerce marketing agency in Miami
  • Social Media for Ecommerce stores in Miami
  • What are the best Miami Agencies
  • New skateboards Miami
  • Where to buy skateboards
  • Skateboard prices Miami

These keywords have a much smaller number of monthly searches, but in return, these keywords significantly enhance your chances of appearing and being clicked on. Long keywords generally have a larger conversion rate and much less competition.

The use of long tail keywords in your marketing strategy is essential to receive more visitors that are qualified buyers. This also helps you understand your audience and what they’re looking for in a much more efficient way.

Now, think of your product and forget that you’re a part of the company. Imagine what you would search for if you were the customer and what you would type in to find it on Google.

Work on this exercise and look for the solution to your problem. I can guarantee you will find new, target long tail keywords you didn’t know were there before.

If you have used HitTail in the past or are using HitTail right now, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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