Google limitations that may impact SEO efforts

SEO Dec 27, 2017


We all know that Google has introduced many tools that can handle a large amount of data. There are limits and loopholes in the way Google works, and if you find those loopholes and act on it, you are likely to outsmart Google too. Google has a lot of different tools, and while they handle massive amounts of data, even Google has its limits.  If you reach one of the limits of google , your activity is temporarily restricted. The restriction typically lasts an hour, but can last as long as 24 hours.

For example, If a user exceeds G Suite email sending limit, they’ll see an error message like

  1. You have reached a limit for sending email.
  2. You reached a Gmail sending limit.
  3. You exceeded the maximum recipients.

In this article we are going to explain some of Google’s limitations to help you understand the search engine’s game better and help you navigate to the top. Some limits are specific to trial accounts. At the end of your free trial period, those limits will be automatically increased. Let’s have a look at Google Limitations That Can Impact Your SEO Strategy.

Google’s Limits You May Not Know Exist:

  • Google Search Console only shows around 200 sitemaps although one can submit more than this number. In indexed files, one can only view 400 sitemaps so, that’s an unwanted limitation.
  • For anyone thinking of submitting a disavow file, there is a disappointing limitation. The submission is limited to 2 MB and 100,000 URLs. If you go higher than these, you are likely to face an error.
  • Also, you can’t have a large business name because there is a limitation of only 100 characters in a business name. Looks like now you need to consult Google Search Console before naming your business.
  • Based on several testing it has been found that the Console has a cut-off feature at 10,000 pixels and that is something that many website owners would have a problem with.
  • Google’s Search Console Help documentation says you can add 1,000 properties for your single Google Search Console account, and you know that you don’t have that many websites and mobile applications to make the most of the Console.
  • The Console also limits you with only 1,000 rows in the interface, although you can download complete reports. So you get a limited view of the report online. It’s worth noting that some aspects of the console like the HTML section are not limited in this way.
  • It’s not just the Console, but Google Analytics too has limitations and quotas. If your property hits 10 million visits per month, you will have to upgrade to Analytics 360.
  • Google doesn’t allow sitemaps over the size of 500KB. The search engine has specifically said that any content over that number will be ignored.
  • Can’t have too many links on a page and while Google doesn’t clearly says how many but “a few thousand at most” is expected.
  • At a single time, Google only allows 5 redirect hops, so you need to keep that in check. Keep it as low as possible.
  • Even sitemaps are not spared because you can only submit a sitemap with 50,000 URLs and 50MB (uncompressed) in size. If you need to submit larger files, you will need to break it down and then submit.
  • As for limitations on word count, again Google does not specify anything but SERP gurus request a bare minimum of 300 words.
  • In alt text you can go for only 16 words and anything over that will not be considered by Google.
  • Several people are not aware of this, but Google search is only limited to 32 words, and then again one word is limited to only 128 characters.
  • There is no limit on word count on a page and It’s often recommended to keep it up-to 250 words.
  • The maximum file size that you can upload on you-tube is 128 GB or 12 hours but you may see older videos that are longer than 12 hours.
  • Google Keyword Planner limits you to 700 keywords in Keyword Ideas. There is also the limit when uploading a file to get search volume and trends, but you can upload 3,000 keywords at a time.
  • When it comes to Google’s limitations, there is no boundary as to how many times a site can appear on the first page of Google. Google’s crawl limit per page is a couple hundred MB’s

I found some of the above mentioned limits that will be useful for you. Tell us if you know more about Google’s limitations that haven’t been listed here. Feel free to comment and discuss below.


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