Keyword Research and Market Research Are Not the Same Things

SEO Dec 29, 2017

Marketing strategy has become a vital part for both small and big businesses today. If you wish to set up your own company and stay afloat, you should be aware of the latest trends. With the development of technology, and SEO in particular, it becomes very difficult to define the subtle line of difference between Keyword Research and Market Research. If you are an SEO manager, and your clients do not know what those phenomena are, your duty is to clarify everything. Thus, let us think are they similar or different in terms of internet marketing.

  • Market Research

A Market Research is performed to find out which type of commerce exists for a specific service or product. On the other words, it is data that is gathered systematically about businesses and people, which is later interpreted with the help of various statistical and analytical techniques. There are two main types of this study: primary and secondary, subsequently primary can also be divided into qualitative and quantitative. It is sometimes interchanged with commerce examination, but the it normally focuses on selling processes, while market one is connected with markets. We may also speak of its popular form today called internet market research, which is conducted with the help of various internet media methods.

  • Tools that are used

Both practices use completely different tools for conducting their study. In Commerce Research prevails interviews, questionnaires, surveys and others, while those who carry on a keywords investigation usually use Google Adwords tool, Wordtracker, Moz tools and other tools. There are numerous free and paid apps online, which can really facilitate the life of an SEO specialist today. You can look at here for more info.

  • What are they targeted at?

Commerce research can be treated as a part of social science as it commonly targeted at studying the human aspect of the study. Frankly, it gives a clear picture of company and customer preferences, habits, their behavior etc. On the other hand, Keyword Research, although being tied with a human is tightly connected with search engine algorithms. The main differences between these two concepts are that they are conducted in different worlds: market one in real and traffic keywords research in virtual. What is more, conversational words differ a lot from the written ones, thus users who type use more precise terminology than those who speak.

  • The amount of data

When carrying on a trade industry exploration, the number of respondents is determined by an explorer, thus the total number depends on a person who conducts it. There are also numerous sources to conduct a study on. The opposite situation is with Keyword study; here the sources of study are limited to the existing search engines. What is more, the study is also restricted to the definite topic, thus you find keywords that are relevant to a specific niche.

  • Trends

We may say that Keyword Research can be a part of Online Market Research, though it has quite limited possibilities. Of course, it does not define the trends that exist in the trade world; it only shows what people are searching for in various search engines, but not what they are actually buying. On the contrary, Market Research is aimed at defying the clients’ demand, customers’ preferences and the current situation in the commerce world. This is why we may consider that this study goes beyond the Keyword one; it studies not only what customers are searching for, but also why they are doing this.

Apparently, keyword study is an integral part of a general commerce, not just simply search engine one, thus it should be a starting point in any commercial plan. It helps to have a clear picture of what people are interested in and is an absolute must-have tool for small businesses, which start working online as well as for already well-known ones. The commerce study is aimed at getting the whole picture of the current markets and customers and is an important component of business strategy. If you wish your business stay afloat and bring you significant income, you should consider the complex of selling strategies, thus using both practices would make a difference.

What are your thoughts about Keyword Research and Market Research? Feel free to comment and discuss below.

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