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SEO Jan 16, 2018


New to Digital Marketing? Try these tips and improve your  brands growth!

Even a few years back from now, products and services online were brought up by only a limited number of people, but with time, the digital world has seen a lot of changes. People now are looking for their favorite products and required services online. That is why it has become imperative for small business owners to increase their visibility in the online world.

If you are thinking about increasing your visibility in the market, obviously you should go for marketing. And that is where the Digital Marketing Advice is priceless for the small business owners. It has become almost inevitable that you should have a website and to attract customers you will need the help of digital marketing.

Regarding digital marketing, you almost cannot separate it from SEO. Many people have a common misconception about digital marketing and SEO. They think that both of them are same. But the fact is that SEO is nothing but one of the popular and most used techniques for digital marketing. It is safe to say that SEO will cover most of your digital marketing efforts. So, if you are thinking of agreeing with SEO at the beginning, it might be a good idea to do so.

Here are a few of the SEO tips that you will find handy while you try to increase your footprint in the digital world:

  • Choose your niche wisely:

If you have a small business, it is pretty much assured that you are going to promote a similar kind of products or at the least your own brand. But if you are trying to earn from advertisements, then it is critical you choose your niche wisely. The traffic will increase and much easy for you to choose keywords.

  • Right keyword at the perfect place:

Using keywords throughout the website will not help you in any way unless you use them at the correct place and in the correct manner. You will also need to maintain a specific keyword density as well. Otherwise,your content on the website will be termed as “Over Optimized” or “Keyword Stuffed”.

  • Navigation:

It is important to have all your website pages linked to each other. Not only that, in the recent days it’s clear that linking your pages to the home page is extremely useful and important. Also, try to use the breadcrumbs on your website for easier navigation.

  • Link Structure:

Regarding best of the SEO Tips, the experts will tell you to maintain a specific structure for your URL. Also, it will help you to include important keywords in the URL specific to pages. This can really have a positive impact on your digital marketing results.

  • Website Speed matters:

The speed at which your internet site loads on a standard internet connection plays an important part in determining the bounce rate of your website. It is the proportion of people visiting your website and leaving after visiting only a single page. And as you can understand the lower the bounce rate, higher the chances of getting a potential customer.

  • Image Optimization:

It is really important to optimize your images as well. To do that you should follow a few guidelines. Use “ALT-tag”. Try and use keywords in the image names and make sure all the images are not from any other website. And use proper relevant images according to your content and web page.

  • Content Quality:

Regarding content, you should take care while using them on your website and while using them promote your website. It is really wise to write fresh contents on your website and promotion. The content’s quality must be high and should keep up a particular density of a keyword. For the promotion purpose, do not try to over optimize the content or write too many contents.

  • Promote in relevant directories:

It is important that you choose a relevant group of websites, blogs or directories for promoting your website. Understand that choice of wrong category and directories will result in negative impact.

  • Social Media promotions:

Include social media promotions in your digital marketing agenda. Most of the traffic comes from social media pages. Most importantly promote your products and services on social media.

  • Broken Links and 404 page:

Ensure that there are no broken links on your website. Also, do not forget to include a well-designed 404 page. So that when your website is down, or people visit a wrong page they will have the alternative to get to your main page.


So, these are some of the SEO Tips that might be helpful for you if you are willing to do it yourself. In case you wish to use someone to do your job, it will be wise to meet several digital marketing experts first and take their Digital Marketing Advice and think about your way of action. Just make sure that you do enough research and collect enough resources that will help you in digital marketing. 

Peter Murphy from, has had over 15 years of small business management experience. Peter graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Chicago in 1985. Afterward, Peter attended Columbia University’s Business School, where he received a Masters of Business Administration in Marketing.

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