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SEO Feb 10, 2018

HitTail is an interesting keyword suggestion tool. There are several SEO tools and many will wonder what is special about HitTail. Keep reading and you know it. Since Google stopped showing the keywords that people use to find a website, some alternatives have emerged to help us with this task. Now we have HitTail available. HitTail is a service that lets you know the best keywords for your website based on those that already work. It is not a keyword search engine but a tool that will suggest words to you.

Precisely after the “not provided” in the webmaster tools of Google and in Google Analytics it is difficult to know which words are working and where we should direct our contents. Then HitTail comes to solve that problem with the Long Tail Keywords. The tool is very simple, just by following an assistant to give permission to webmasters tools we will search for keywords that can work. HitTail offers a series of keyword suggestions, which we can reject or move if we are directly interested in the To-Do area. These suggestions are the long tail of our website, that is, the traffic that will cost us less to reach it even if it provides fewer visits, but in the end, it will be the majority of the fixed traffic.

Put another way, you’re probably receiving 40% of traffic from the 10 most common keywords on your website, but the other 60% come from less obvious searches. HitTail will help you find what they are. Also in HitTail, we find the possibility of hiring others to make posts for the keywords suggested, an additional payment service, but that can be useful if we want to create more content in less time. We can configure the HitTail service so that you periodically send us the suggestions by email when you find new ones. We also have the possibility to export to Excel the keywords you suggest working with them, in addition to having them available in the panel or on the To-Do list.

About the algorithm that uses no details is known but it seems really accurate. They claim to have scanned more than 1.2 billion search engine keywords since it works with most popular search engines. In addition, HitTail marketing no longer needs that we install any code or plugin on our website. Its handling is as simple as I tell. It only has a tab for keywords, suggestions, To-Do, and articles. Yes, it is not but we will not have problems with its management and the keywords do analyze them. HitTail will help us find quality long tail keywords for our website. Long tail traffic can increase web traffic by 80%. Therefore this tool will be very useful to attract organic traffic through Long Tail searches to our website.

What is HitTail?

HitTail is primarily a web analysis tool, but unlike Google Analytics, which gives us an overview of the visits and interactions of users on our website, HitTail focuses on a particular element with a single objective. HitTail manages to show us the longtail keywords or long tail keywords on our website, to help us investigate which key terms we should write more about. It is a tool that offers keyword suggestions, based on a complex algorithm that analyzes the relevant content for the user and the terms that have taken him to a website, as well as taking into account our keywords and those of our competition. One of the most interesting aspects is that HitTail provides long tail keyword suggestions which make it especially useful to improve SEO positioning and increase visits to our site.

What is HitTail SEO is really?

HitTail is basically a web tool used to analyze the search terms composed of several words. the traffic of a website comes from compound search terms, keywords that in English are called long tail. Putting ourselves into the competitive reality of the web today, sometimes it is better to write articles or focus market niches with long keywords than with short competitive words, for example, there is more likely to position “Web positioning “than “SEO”. To reinforce the explanation of how this tool works we can say that many times the users who visit our website arrive after browsing to page 4 or 5 of Google. In those cases, it is almost always possible to write a focused article to appear on the front page with exactly what this user was looking for.

How does HitTail work?

HitTail performs daily or weekly (depending on the plan) a tracking of the entries and searches of our website and analyzes the possible and best long tail keywords to a position through the content of our blog. All we have to do is write content based on the keywords and we will check the improvement in the ranking of our results

How to start using Hittail?

Hittail has different types of pro plan, but it can still give you a chance since it allows an import of a new account, which allows you to receive 15 keywords and suggestions, which is enough for any beginner to learn this tool, or to try any feature of Hittail. Depending on your level of blogs, you can register for any Hittail plan. Then, create a Hittail account, just add your website in the webmaster tools and have to add a tracking code (which is optional).

How to add Hittail to webmaster tools for Keywords Research?

  • Enter your Google webmaster tools into your account.

  • Click Manage Site (on the side of your address site).

  • Click on Add or remove users.

  • Click on Add a new user and paste this box.

Are you ready for Keywords Research!

The Long Tail Keywords are the most profitable that we can try to position in a niche. A web or online store has to concentrate its efforts on generating quality content based on long tail keywords. These Long Tail searches are shown to offer higher conversion results. And in this aspect, HitTail will help us a lot.

What are the popular key phrases against the long tail Keywords?

HitTail analyzes all the keywords and phrases that have taken your visitors to your website. While most of the tools focus mainly on the most popular terms, HitTail tries to show you something else and considers the concept of “keywords” as an iceberg, where popular key phrases are the visible part (the one that everyone sees and pay attention) while most of the ice is under water what we call longtail keywords or long tail. Long tail keywords are key phrases less used by users because they are longer than usual, but no less effective.

Logically there is usually less competition because placing in the top positions requires less effort but a much lower number than the visits that are obtained with the most popular keywords. Users use many different words to reach the same content, so the changes in the construction of the phrases and the vocabulary used are very varied. It is possible that you are currently receiving 40% of traffic from the 10 most common keywords on your website, but the other 60% come from less obvious searches. HitTail helps you see what they are.

If for example, visits from the top 10 keywords is 25% of all organic traffic you receive, while the longtail generates the other 75%, you will be with me that is worth considering, more when we meet more often in analytics the expression “not provided” in many of the keywords that used to appear, so we have remained blind in many aspects if we only have Google Analytics. Once HitTail makes a suggestion, you can choose to add it to the “to do” list so you can work on it later. It is not necessary to use this option, but it is there in case someday you regret it and decide to use it.

In these scenario HitTail keywords appears, promising to deliver the best keywords to increase your organic traffic, based on your current traffic. This web tool analyzes all the keywords with which your visitors have arrived. The installation is simple, you just have to put on your website the code they provide, something similar to what you have to do with Google Analytics. For WordPress users, there is a plugin that makes things even simpler.

How does it work?

The first thing we have to do to start is to open an account and allow access to our website from the Webmaster Tools. From that moment, the tool begins to collect keyword suggestions according to the contents and searches of the users. The interface is very simple: the tool offers a series of suggestions to the user and, in the panel, the idea can be rejected or, if we are interested, move it directly to the area to be written (‘to do’ in the original). In this way, we have controlled and organized all the subjects that the service has proposed to us and that we find useful to write our content. Once we have written about these ideas, we can only point to it as ‘done’ and continue with the following suggestions.

What are the advantages?

Personally, what I found most interesting about HitTail is the double utility it offers: on the one hand, new ideas to write new content, and, on the other, that these ideas are based on real algorithms and on keywords previously analyzed, by what the effort required to write content gets a better result in order to increase organic traffic to our site. In addition, it boasts a complex algorithm that analyzes more than a trillion (yes, with b) of keywords, from providing the keywords that Google includes in the ‘not provided’ and offer at a glance the most important keywords and also the long tail in a very visual list.

HitTail offers free of charge to the new accounts about 15 keyword suggestions, to see more it is necessary to include a credit card number and select one of the price plans. If you are a blogger, you can take a pleasant surprise;) Do not miss this tool even if it is only the trial version, as it may be useful to know some key words that you should use in the content of your website and thus be more effective in the drafting of the same. And you know this tool or similar?

The HitTail application shows us a complete view of the 350 best keywords:

The keywords can become impossible to manage in a large list and that is what HitTail solves us. That is why they have developed their algorithm, to extract the keywords that are important and place them in a tab called suggestions, thus saving you time.

Your words

There is another tab with your keywords, where you can see a full view of the key phrases that users have used to find your web page.

You can click on a keyword and move it to your “suggestions”.

Suggestions for Keywords:

What the HitTail algorithm does very well is to analyze which combinations of words appear in the longtail most frequently, to be later suggested. A suggestion is a way to tell you to write specific content on this topic to get quality organic traffic. Clicking on a suggestion moves it to the pending tasks, which is nothing more than a list of keywords that are yet to become an article.

This functionality allows us if we do not have time to write our own content to order a series of writers and order an article. In 2 or 3 days with a cost of $ 19 you will have a new article of 400 words


We believe that it is better on many occasions to work opportunities and not to become obsessed with competing in the most popular keywords, consuming many resources without having insurance the final success. HitTail helps us identify keywords so you get more natural search traffic and also helps you generate that content.

Richard Watson, of slant33.com studied business and engineering at the New York Maritime College. His passion lies in educating, entertaining and empowering anyone who wants to learn.

What are your thoughts about Hittail as Keyword Research Tool? Feel free to comment and discuss below.

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