Strategies for long tail keywords in 2018

SEO Apr 11, 2018

The analysis of keywords is one of the most important steps when defining a search engine positioning strategy. The keywords or keywords are the words through which search engines will classify you in their databases. This is why you should find out what words users enter in search engines when they search for the products or services you sell or the contents that you offer in the network, in this way to be more visible and to appear in the privileged positions of the results in search engines. There are many online tools that make it easier for you to search for your keywords. One of them is Long Tail Keyword Tool. This free tool works with long tail keywords, that is, long words (between 3 and 5). These types of words define the content in a more specific way. Despite attracting less traffic, this is usually of higher quality and favours a higher conversion rate.

Since our friend Google, has done us the ugly task of hiding the keywords in the reports of Web analytics, with even more reason, we have to avail ourselves of analytical tools of external keywords. SEOs have to find us life. Long-tail keywords are essential to reach those who search for you on the internet and boost sales generation. An essential part of your SEO strategies to attract traffic to your website are the keywords, which your potential customers will use in their searches on the internet and with which your business will be found. However, short keywords, such as “shoes”, are very generic and offer users a large number of responses, which makes positioning difficult; the best thing is to use long keywords or long tail keywords.

What are the long keywords?

These are rather phrases composed of several words, although they are still called “keywords”, which result in more specific search engine suggestions. How to appear in the search engine is the first thing you must define before making the selection of the keywords with which you want your prospects to find you and generate traffic that leads to conversion. The long tail keywords refine searches for users and position themselves better to your business, and that will result in more specific solutions for their needs, making their use of the sales strategies more effective.

It is not the same that a person who wishes to acquire shoes for ballroom dancing look for “shoes” and in the search results they appear of all styles, to type specifically “shoes for ballroom dancing” and appear your business among the few who specialize in that type of footwear. If you have a blog and want good web positioning, you need to know what Long Tail or long tail keywords are so you can get organic traffic. It sounds a bit like Chinese, right? Well, do not worry; we are going to tell you in a very easy way.

How to use Long Tail Keyword Tool?

  • Access the Log Tail Keyword Tool website.

  • In the blank box that appears first, write the word through which you want to get your long tail words. For example “shoes”.

  • In the field, “Language” chooses the language in which the word is written. In the “Country” section, select the country from which you wish to obtain the search. In the section “Phrase Length” you have to decide the length of the phrase by placing the minimum number of words you want to accompany the words you chose. If you wish, you can check the “Quick Scan” option to obtain a shorter list of results, although it is not necessary. My recommendation is to set a length greater than 2 (> 2), that way you’ll see the long-tail phrases.

  • You know that SEO is an important factor and, although you do not have much knowledge about the subject, you have read in other blogs that the keywords you want to position must have the certain traffic of visits so that you can be visible.

  • You start to study your sector, your words, the relevance they have, and you notice that many of these keywords have a lot of visitor traffic. Another thing that is cool about this tool is that it gives you a list of alphabetically ordered sentences. Highly recommended so that the SEO analyst can identify patterns more comfortably.

  • You begin to feel a tingling in your stomach because you are aware that in a matter of months you will have many visits, comments and even begin to receive requests for services or people who want to buy your products.

  • However, in the end, you realize that, after waiting several months, you receive very few visits to your blog and you begin to ask yourself kind stuff

  • This is possible that you have asked more than once, right? Then why does this happen? What are you doing wrong? The answer is that you probably are not using the Long Tail or long tail keywords.

  • The Long Tail in SEO is one of the most important aspects that will help you get more visitor traffic with less effort.

What is the Long Tail?

The Long Tail or long tail keywords are words with less visitor traffic and competition but, in turn, help you position better. In other words, it consists in positioning the main keyword with other added words that users search for.

Long Tail: The key to surpassing your competition

You have already verified that the words Long Tail for SEO are necessary. Also, you can beat your competition because you can use different keywords that help you position better. Do not worry; this technique does not lose the naturalness of your content. If you do it with your head, you are adding value because you offer exactly what the audience is looking for. Did you know what Long Tail or long tail keywords are? What other tools to look for long tail do you use?

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