How to Target Keywords With Blog Posts

Keywords Jul 30, 2018


A blog is any online informational website that displays information with the latest post and a platform that a writer shares their views of certain subjects. Therefore, a blog post can be defined as any article that is written on a blog. The information can be in the form of a photo, video, text or infographic. The appearance of the blog post has changed over time, and in order to have an appealing post , someone needs to follow a specific structure. It should have a headline, introduction, main contents with subheadings, a conclusion, and comments. However, every blog post should have well-written phrase keywords.

  • Reasons for using keywords

Everyone who uses the website should have a well-chosen and researched keyword phrase. While blogging, keywords are used to optimize blog posts, and whether or not, the post should follow on this strategy. Blog posts, especially articles, make great content that continues to pull in traffic for a long time and ranks quickly on the internet. For that, keywords are used to make the content clear and shorter with an understandable language. Also, blog posts allow people to target hot, trending topics online that most probably would not be worth using permanent site information in the post. In this case, keywords are used to capture traffic information using the popular keyword in order to let the post get trended in the post.

  • Identification of keywords

Before targeting any kind of information in a blog, it is good to determine what type of keyword phrases are likely to contribute to traffic. This depends on the kind of goals you want to achieve in the post. First, use the right keyword phrases. “Specifically, look for related groups of keywords depending on the topic of the post,” advises Michael Holmes, Senior SEO Manager at SolidEssay. For example, if the blog post is a timely topic, someone should use Google Trends to find the keyword phrases. Secondly, in order to identify keywords, narrowing down of the topic is essential. This is because you need the post to appeal to many readers. This helps the blog post to have a specific and relevant word streams and determines a suitable phrase. Additionally, optimize the post. The hardest part of a blog post is choosing a topic. Once you identify the problem, use the title description of the post in proper meta tags. This helps to determine the correct and appropriate keywords that promote the post in the internal linking and external linking as well.

  • Steps to follow while researching for keywords

Using keywords in a blog post comes naturally, but there are steps and tools to use before determining which keywords to use. First, know how to use the keywords in the type of post you want to make. In this case, create content around the particular topic by using specific terms. “Employ words and phrases with high levels of degree and correlation to the subject instead of using common words,” recommends Andrew Bell, Search Engine Optimization Strategist at Secondly, develop a keyword list. Know the type of people searching for your blog and why. Once you understand the kind of client searching for your blog post, it is easier to select keyword group of interest. Thirdly, examine the difficulties of the search volumes. Going for the higher and difficult keywords makes it harder to compete in the rankings. Also, be strategic in your post. Use keywords that sound natural without overusing them. Once you make the title and headings, use other terms to use in other elements of the post. Finally, don’t miss the value of the post. Keywords are only used to improve the SEO, use quality content specifically to the buyer.

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