Tips that help web marketers to improve their search rankings

SEO Aug 7, 2018

All online businesses have one common thread that binds them together – search engine optimization. No matter what type of business you want to launch online, you have to rely on SEO to drive traffic to the website which is an essential requirement. Only when their traffic reaches the website that you can take some advanced steps in SEO to ensure generation of leads and its fruitful conversion. However, when you write any web design RFP, you must mention what you want to achieve through SEO so that the design aspects can include suitable SEO elements right from the beginning.

Earning top ranks in the search results is what every online marketer aspires for. Since searchers are ready to click on high ranking websites only, the competition for gaining top positions in search rankings is just too intense. What would be the best way to beat the competition is foremost in the minds of online marketers as they try to decipher the working modalities of search algorithms to crack the secret code of earning high ranks. With search algorithms going through frequent updates, the challenge of marketers to acquire and retain the top sports in SERP keeps mounting. They are always searching for tools and techniques that could help them reach the summit and stay there as long as possible.

Instead of trying to understand how search algorithms work, a more pragmatic approach would be to try to figure out the various factors that search engines consider for ranking purpose. Experienced marketers are well aware that there are some factors common to all search engines and focusing on these and making improvements could help to gain mileage in marketing. The quality of backlinks you acquire, the quality of content and the relevance of the search term or keyword are some of the major factors linked to ranking.

In this article, you will find some tips that should be helpful to get your website as much close as possible to the top of the search engine results page.

  • Relevance and quality of content

Create high quality,unique content with users and search engines in mind butgiving more emphasis to what users like. When humans like the content search engines would also like it because algorithms are now capable of looking at content just like humans. Conduct research to discover what ails users and create content based on it. Address the issues they face and provide solutions. That would not only ensure that the content is entirely relevant to them, but they would even look upon you as a reliable authority in the field. As you build your reputation, it is only a matter of time before consumers turn loyal to you. Create long-form content and insert high-quality links into it so that it garners more attention and proves more useful to impress users.

Algorithms have become more sophisticated and capable of understanding keywords much better by understanding its relevance. Matching the topic of your content with user content would be like hitting the bull’s eye that enhances the chances of better ranking.

  • Optimize for mobile devices as well as desktops

Ensure that you create responsive websites because it is the order of the day and simplifies the optimization process. Responsive web design helps to create websites that can adjust to various screen sizes which is the reason why people choose it as the staple choice for creating mobile sites that work equally well on desktops. Due to the responsive nature of the design, a single set of optimization works across all devices including desktops. It reduces a lot of work for designers and website owners as they have to deal with a single site that meets the requirements of all screen sizes. Responsive websites give better results in optimization and improve the ranking prospects. Since Google recognizes mobile-friendly websites only for ranking purposes, you would be at an advantage to improve your rankings. You can use some tools to assess the mobile-friendliness of your site.

  • Have an eye on website speed

Google and users both love fast loading websites, and you must ensure that the website speed does not frustrate users. Speedy sites are likely to rank well because it creates better user engagement as they are willing to spend more time on speedy websites. Slow websites can ring the death knell of business because of high bounce rates as users would be in a hurry to quit the site. Ascertain the current page loading speeds by using Google Page Insight tools and if you find that the loading time is more than 2 to 3 seconds you have to identify the reasons for slow speed and take corrective actions for improvement.

  • Domain Authority

Be sensitive to the Domain Authority of your website because if you look at the domain authority of the top ranking websites, you will discover that the higher is the rank, higher is the domain authority. Take measures to ensure that you can enhance your domain authority to be a strong contender for top ranks. Search engines use a scale of 1 to 100to determine domain authority, and your target should be to position your website somewhere in the last quarter of the scale.

  • Do not neglect link building

Link building remains central to search rankings, and you must create a healthy backlink profile that becomes your asset. When you create links to other valuable websites, the audience gets more value from the content as they can access more authentic information that they find incredibly satisfying. Search engines consider backlinks as a mark of recognition of good value for your website, and it creates positive vibes that push up rankings. Backlinks enhance user experience and send a positive signal to search engines that use it as a vote for an authentic and reliable website that users like.

The above are the minimal things that you have to do to ensure that your website is always on the first page of search results with good chances of breaking into the top ranks.

Author – Barrack Diego is developer and marketing expert at BigDropInc a top web design RFP company based in New York.

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