Use These Search Engine Optimization Tips To Take Your Website To The Next Level

SEO Sep 26, 2018


No business can afford to operate without some form of online presence in today’s competitive business environment. If you do not have some form of online presence yet, you risk losing significance in your niche. Your customers want to see you on their favorite social sites so that they can tag you whenever they are impressed by your products or services, or whenever they have a complaint about something. Being on social media is not enough though. It is also important to have a website through which your customers can reach you, get more information about your products and/or services, and so much more. It is also by having an online presence that potential clients will be able to know about you and your products and/or services and contact you.

Your website will only serve you well if it is well designed and optimized for search engines to be able to find it and rank it whenever someone searches for something related to your products or services. This is why you must invest in search engine optimization. For small businesses, it might be possible to handle your site’s search engine optimization without professional help. However, for a large business with customers all over the world, you are bound to have a very busy website as people will always be visiting to check out your products or services, make inquiries, and purchase your products or services. Managing such a site’s SEO will require a huge investment in terms of time and resources. Additionally, you need to have the relevant skills for you to be able to do a good job. It is therefore a good idea to hire an SEO company to take care of your site’s SEO. If you have an agency providing you with digital marketing services, find out whether they offer local SEO white label services so that you do not have to hire a different company for this. This article highlights a couple of SEO tips to help take your website to the next level.

  • Optimize your site for Google’s latest algorithms

Google is the most widely used search engine and it is what dictates the search engine practices for the other search engines as well. Therefore, if your site is well optimized for Google, you have nothing to worry about. Google is constantly rolling out new algorithms to ensure that users are getting the best experience possible. Its focus has always been on user experience. Therefore, if you are not providing your site users with the best experience, whether they are using a mobile phone or a desktop, your site will not rank highly on Google. It is important to keep up with these algorithm changes to ensure that your site is always well optimized for Google. In fact, if your web-pages do not show up on the first two pages of the search engine result pages, you are as good as non-existent. Some of Google’s top ranking factors are links and content. The more quality links you have to your site, the higher you are likely to rank. You can only get these quality links if your content is relevant and of good quality.

  • Have a good keyword strategy

The right keywords can make a huge difference for your site. Try and make your keywords unique by using untapped keywords. This will differentiate you from other sites. There are various sites online where you can find plenty of untapped keywords. However, you need to do thorough research on the keywords that people use when searching for pages so that you get them right. Find out what keywords your competitors are using and see how you can fit them into your content. Keyword stuffing is not recommended at all and can lead to severe penalties from Google, which will ruin your site’s reputation. Your keywords need to appear naturally in your content.

Today, long-tail keywords are more popular than single words. This is because more and more people are doing searches based on phrases rather than single words. Long-tail keywords also give you an opportunity to create your own unique keywords. The best thing about having your own unique keywords is that you will always rank first for them. However, as mentioned above, it has to be a phrase that people are likely to search for.

  • Republish old content on your site

When it comes to content, the important thing is that you provide relevant content. It is not about rolling out new content every other day even if it is not useful. You can update and upgrade old content on your site and then republish it, provided it is still relevant. Promote the republished content on your social media pages as well as by sending out emails to your subscribers so that you can get people’s attention. This is a proven technique that can greatly increase your organic traffic, which will in turn help you rank higher on search engine results.

  • Maximize the ‘sharability’ of your content

The more people share your content on various platforms online, the higher it is likely to rank. Therefore, you should optimize your content to make it more sharable. You can do this by creating link bait content. This is simply content that people consider link-worthy. The more people link to your content, the more it will be shared and the higher your pages will rank. Link-worthy content is relevant, timely, and entertaining. Images and videos increase shares, and it is therefore a great idea to include them in your content. Publish your content during the times when you know most people are active online and ask your subscribers and followers on social media to share your content.

  • Publish long form content

If you do a simple analysis of the pages that show up on the first page of the search engine results, you will notice that most of the pages have content that is at least 1500 words. As mentioned earlier, Google is all about ensuring that you are providing your site visitors with quality content. Longer form content shows that you have really delved into the topic and provided detailed information for your site visitors. This is why it performs better than short posts.

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