High-End SEO / The Fundamental Fix

Mike LevinHi everyone. As an officer at Connors Communications, I’m always lining up the next high-end SEO client. To that end, I’m inviting whoever thinks they might make a good job referrer, or even a potential employee or contractor, into my personal LinkedIn Network, or to directly start a discussion.

Connors does a fundamental natural search traffic fix to sites, where the company is typically spending a few million a year on AdWords, and want to take ownership of their own fate.

It’s not cheap stuff, and we only take 2 or 3 clients at a time, so we can do them justice. We have one immediate opening that I have to fill, and I thought I’d tap into the HitTail community to help me get some introductions.

So, feel free to join my LinkedIn network. Serious folks only, please. If you’re just interested in building up your personal blog, continue to communicate with me here in the forum.


email: miklevin at gmail dot com